• Searching for a friend?

    Do you want to increase your circle of friends with peers?

    Or you may want to find a new love?

    Subscribe now to 50plus-match.com and we will help you find a new love, or just a holiday friend buddy mind chatting.

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  • Why 50plus-match?

    Because the number of single people over 50 is still increasing and many of these people over 50 are looking for simply a friend and maybe more we thought it a good idea to help the people over 50!

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  • Not only for Dating

    50plus-match is not only to those over 50 dating but also for those over 50 who are looking for a friend to enjoy traveling, a hiking or someone to mind once on step.

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How does 50plus-match.com works?

Make yourself a Profile

By clicking on the record button, you can create an account. Here you can choose a username and password and fill in your email address. Do not forget to enter the security code.

Find a Candidate

On the profile page, you can use the search function to find the most interesting person so based on your search criteria. But beware, the more criteria you select, the less Profiles there will be displayed.

Start dating

When you find you can add it an interesting candidate to your favorites or to arouse the interest of the other candidates can send a message.


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